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Converted Housing: From Offices to Affordable Housing

Our studio partnered with the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, a leading research and advocacy organization focused on housing and planning issues in New York City. Through rigorous research into the legislative landscape of New York City housing conversion policies, affordable housing programs, and architectural practices, we sought out to address barriers to efficient office-to-hotel conversions. In addition, using spatial data analysis, we honed in on three New York City office buildings of various different typologies to demonstrate the diversity of potential conversion models.

May 2022
Tools SketchUp, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, ArcMap

with Zhihao Bao, Christian Budow, Kimberly Cheung, Kit Nga Chou, Stacey Chui, Carlos Miranda Pereyra, Hazel Ni, Morgan Reuther, Daniel Wexler, Andrea Wong Magnalardo

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