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HypoCity: Botanica 2042 Comprehensive Plan

Botanica, a hypothetical town in Florida, has been selected to be the site of a satellite campus of Florida's state university system, one that focuses on climate change research and sustainability. Due to this and the general growth trend of the town, Botanica is expected to double its population by 2042. Furthermore, like many cities, Botanica faces challenges to meet housing needs, jobs and employment activities, and the impending threat of climate change. Our comprehensive plan tackles these problems through policy programs and housing solutions that are fit for a growing city and environmentally-cautious city like Botanica. Adapted from Hypothetical City Workbook III (2006).

May 2022
Tools ArcMap, InDesign, Illustrator

with Tomas Carrillo, Al Tariq Shabazz, Yuanyuan Shen

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